Laminate Flooring


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Furnish your house with extensive flooring panels. Grooved seams and natural wood panel sizes add natural wood perpective to every kinds of rooms therefore create a unique ambiance. These floorings are very close to genuine wood in terms of their sizes and esthetics features. The 2 decorative floorings; designed in bigger sizes and in traditional herringbone style; are created for presenting an easy furnishing option and also they represent the prominent parts of this collection.

  • 1200x400x8mm / 5 Panels / 2,32 sqm / pack
  • AC6 Class 33 / LOC Click System
  • 30 Years Guarantee

Monet Narrow , Classic and Long series, that harmoniously gether the old and the new; are presenting the exiting integrity of traditionalism and modernism. The flooring type in generous amounts will create an expansion effect and by this way, will consitute a magnificient outlook in your house. With it’s elegancy, simplicity and 2 mt lenght/widht; spectecular Monet Long series will effect a genuine wood esthetic in spaces furnished with it. With the dazzling natural looking wooden constructions; Monet will add a wonderfull ambience with a glimpse of traditionalism to the spaces it created.

  • Classic : 1285x192x10mm / 7 Panels / 1,7271 sqm / pack / 16kg per pack
  • Narrow : 1285x123x10mm / 9 Panels / 1,4225 sqm / pack / 14kg per pack
  • Long : 2000x192x10mm / 5 Panels / 1,92 sqm / pack / 17kg per pack
  • AC4 Class 32 / 1 Click 2 Go System
  • 30 Years Guarantee

Due to the neat narrow panels, you will catch the elegance of the genuine oak and after all, will create a stunning interior design concept adapted to your house. Surface with becelled sides, authentic embossed and deeply brushed matt and glossy pores create a remarkable flooring style. With it’s charming look , fast and easy application features; easy to use panel size allows you to get perfect results.

  • Classic : 1285x192x8mm / 9 Panels / 2,2205 sqm / pack / 16kg per pack
  • Narrow : 1285x123x8mm / 12 Panels / 1,8967 sqm / pack / 14kg per pack
  • AC4 Class 32 / Twin Click System
  • 20 Years Guarantee

Our research phase is very important. We do our best to plan every possible outcome, which would affect the budget and time of finishing the project. Once this stage is done, we have the solution that is:

  • 1285x192x8mm / 9 Panels / 2,2205 sqm / pack / 16kg per pack
  • AC4 Class 32 / Twin Click System
  • 20 Years Guarantee

Carlo Series presents different kinds of design options while being perfectly suited for both modern and traditional rooms. Ranging from the latest fashion to calssic, the cleaning and the care of different design options are easy. Be sure that, you will remain satisfied for many years.

  • 1285x192x8mm / 9 Panels / 2,2205 sqm / pack / 16kg per pack
  • AC3 Class 31 / Twin Click System
  • 15 Years Gurantee